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If you don't read the forums, then you don't know:

Umlaut House is ending in between two and three months.

This was kind of a tough decision for me, what with Umlaut House being such an important part of my life, but I don't have the time these days to devote to a schedule-based comic. I also feel that the comic is starting to run out of ideas; a few of the recent storylines have been.. strained. Anyone who has sent me email but not got a reply, I -did- get it. I just haven't been able to respond because I've been so busy lately.

Sometime around this summer, a compilation CD will be available through a distribution system I have yet to determine. I hope some of you will be interested in getting it, since I'll be adding sketchbook pages, high resolution graphics, annotations, "lost" episodes, and various other goodies. You can check out the discussion concerning this (and many other fascinating topics) on the online forum.
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